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Kick to the Finish was developed with one thing in mind: to bring the passion of racing to all aspects of the race; including timing. Throughout the years, I myself have built my life around running as a competitive runner, XC/Track and Field coach, MTFOA Official, and parent of track athletes.  

Timing is the final basis of what we train for, what motivates us, and provides us with a definitive result at the end of day.  Timing is more than just a number.  I think of it as the heartbeat of the race.  Each click of the clock, every chip crossing the mats, and the programs that put it all together make the race complete.

What Makes It All Come Together:
Direct Athletics
Meet Pro
Race Day Scoring
Race Roster



MSTCA Director of Timing


~ Level 1 Track and Field Coach

~ MTFOA Track and Field Official

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